What are the symptoms of Kidney damage in a puppy?

Question by Daisy: What are the symptoms of Kidney damage in a puppy?
My two puppies have been on the recalled food (canned Nutro Natural Choice chicken, rice, and oatmeal puppy food) and have been very sick with vomiting and bloody watery stools. They have gotten better with veterinary treatment and since they are not on the food, but now one of them is drinking a lot and her urine is clear. Does it mean that she is having problems with her kidney’s? What are the symptoms of kidney problems?

I have already called the vet, but since it is after hours I am waiting for them to call me back. So please no “go to the vet” replies. There is not a 24 hour clinic in my area, so I have to wait for my vet. I will take her as soon as the vet calls, I am just worried now.
Also, they have had all of their shots and tested negative for both parvo and intestinal parasites.

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Answer by pink_panda_28
poor puppy, call different vets so you can get multiple answers and maybe one will call sooner, til then good luck

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