Treatment of gout †“lots of drinking water per day is not so difficult”

Water dilutes the uric acid, an excess of which the body is often, but not always, the immediate cause of gout. Dilute uric acid is more likely to be expelled from the body. If so, drops the level of the body of uric acid. And if uric acid levels fall to the clinical destiny of 6 mg/dL in men, a little less in women, can dissolve the problematic MSU crystals in the joints, as well relieve an attack of gout and prevent a recurrent. The water has other beneficial effect. Drinking water usually has a pH of 7.0. In this pH level has an alkaline effect on the body which is desirable in the treatment of gout, a body more alkaline is more likely to excrete uric acid. More water, equal footing, is more likely that excrete uric acid.

As one of the objectives of drinking water is to raise body pH using pH test or litmus paper strips to discover and monitor the pH. Strips of type test pH or pH test stix in an Internet search box to find suppliers in line. Be sure to follow the instructions of the brochure and monitor the results looking for changes in trend at the time. A test does not work. Therefore calls for those who suffer from gout for drinking water. At least 8 †“12 x 8fl.oz vessels a day, maybe more.” Twelve glasses of water is twice the daily amount recommended for healthy people. Some people find this discouraging. But not everything has to be regular water.

What can count as water, in addition to regular water? Includes the common are tea, juices and milk. Regular coffee? Probably not due to caffeine. Caffeine, as many people know, acts as a diuretic. I.e. He drew water from the cells. But the decaffeinated coffee has just caffeine. The tea is probably better than coffee for those who suffer from gout. The national of USDA’s nutrient database shows that tea has less caffeine and containing much more beneficial than coffee flavonoids antioxidants. Black or green. But to get more antioxidants tea, make your own tea or with a papel-filtro and not versions of instant drink.

Juices count too much and they are useful for those who suffer from gout if they are made of fruits with high amounts of antioxidant flavonoids. For gout cherry juice is the most widely publicized. But berries such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries also are very high in antioxidant flavonoids and contain useful amounts of vitamin C, which some studies have shown that they can reduce the levels of uric acid. Cow’s milk is about 88% water. Not as much as a glass of water, but quite close to the end of a day of twelve glass. One study showed that the proteins of milk could reduce uric acid levels, other than milk products reduced the risk of developing gout. It is any drink with alcohol. It is a diuretic (i.e. removes water from the cells) and stimulates the production of uric acid.

Finally, don’t forget to foods that are filled with water. The higher water content food are surprise, surprise, watermelons, and tomatoes. Both contain more than 90% water. Watermelons are an alkaline food, but note that tomatoes may be pH under (IE acid) and this makes them eat a source of debate between those who discuss the fine points of a diet for gout. And to eat soups and stews †“is water again.” Drinking all that water it is not so difficult, and is one of the treatments of gout that there is general agreement. Best regards!

John Mepham has spent much time researching natural remedies for gout. Your best tip for the treatment of gout? And maintain your ideal weight, whatever the sacrifices. Learn more about gout remedies in of a Web site with an emphasis on the treatment of natural gout.