The tonsillectomy surgery is relatively common, although
it is no longer practiced as regularly as before. It remains
important, especially for parents with small children, be familiar with these little
growths that may play an important role in our health.

Tonsils, what exactly?
Why does it sometimes remove tonsils?
The consequences of a tonsil operation

Tonsils, what exactly?

The tonsils are small organs located at the bottom of the gorge at the base of the
language and on both sides of the palate (towards the top of the throat). These bodies
serve to defend us against infection: when a microbe enters
the body, they are the ones that produce antibodies that allow us
defend. That is why the tonsils swell when children are
patients, even if they are not directly affected. In general,
next time the microbe is present at the input, the tonsils are capable of
without the delay it causes infection. They are therefore an important
immune defense in the sphere Ear, Nose and Throat (nose and throat

Why does it sometimes remove tonsils?

However, sometimes the tonsils become a source of problem. They are
headquarters of the dreaded sore throat, sometimes recurrent, which formerly justified
tonsillectomy (surgery to remove tonsils) frequent. Today
ENT or general practitioners were less enthusiastic, but very sore throat
frequent for years can still justify removal.
Like the tonsils are too large, which join the back of the throat and
cause snoring and sleep disorders.

The consequences of a tonsil operation

The operation of removing tonsils is known to cause pain
strong or very strong, and prevent a normal diet for many
days after return from hospital. For at least a week, food
hot and hard foods are not recommended because the throat is still fragile.
Ice, soups and purees are the only solutions! For adults, the period of
Recovery time is greater than for children: count two weeks
painful. In all cases, monitoring is necessary as long as the throat
recovers completely. It happens that when the crust formed after
the transaction falls (this usually happens 15 days after surgery), a
potentially dangerous bleeding begins. It is therefore important to contact
doctor in case of sore throat and a fortiori to the bleeding
period. And long term, what are the consequences?

Certainly, the tonsils are useful but not essential for our
immune system. ENT area has many other means to defend themselves – ganglia
and other vegetation, so do not be afraid to recurrent infections
children whose tonsils were removed but simply weigh the pros
and cons with a qualified physician before making the decision to make (or
be) operate.