The ten best cures for yeast infection

(and they are all natural, too!)

If you suffer from yeast infection, it is likely that your doctor may prescribe topical ointments or your local pharmacy ingestible tablets. But these drugs aggravate this disease spread help the fungi of yeast Candida albicans. The following are the ten best cures for infection of yeast in the global style.

The first cure is prevention through proper hygiene. Yeast infection is spread primarily through neglect, either by exposure to a patient, Candida albicans, or chemicals that activate the yeast infection. Therefore, any loan of personal belongings, and have had expired products correctly.

The second priest living a healthy lifestyle. To minimize the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tap water. Because stress is a trigger, set aside time for rest and sleep.

But what if you don’t know these preventive measures? The next cure, then, is to avoid ingesting drugs of any kind. Antibiotics kill bacteria which control the growth of Candida albicans. Other medications to avoid include birth control drugs, immuno-suppressors of the and steroids.

An effective remedy is a strictly regulated diet determined by your doctor. The diet of Candida standard prohibits affected individuals eating the following:

* Sugars, to the point that is not permitted even fruits;

* Foods with a high content of yeast and mold, such as cheese, dried fruit, melons and peanuts;

* Milk, milk products and foods with a high lactose content (i.e. who can not eat yogurt, but can be used to alleviate the effects of the infection of yeast in other ways).

This diet allows only the following:

* Water;

* Teas;

* All vegetables;

* Sources of protein (meat is allowed, such as fish, birds, poultry and vegetables, but soybeans and soy products were known to have side effects);

* Integral as millet, rice and oat without sugar flour;

* Probiotics supplements;

* If possible, apples, blueberries, cherries, berries, and pears.

Reading food labels is an absolute obligation for the cure takes effect. Sticking to this diet, even though the symptoms go away not only increases the immunity, but also slows the growth of population Candida albicans by reintroducing the friendly bacteria.

It is a way to relieve yeast infection natural antifungal agents apply as paste of garlic, extra virgin coconut oil and diluted tea tree oil directly on the skin. Extract of grape and tannin from tea and condiments combat chronic infections greatly.

Women with vaginal candidiasis may find relief in a few drops of diluted tea tree oil or a portion of yogurt. Application must be made at least two times a day through insert a tampon with oil or yogurt into the vagina. This resource should be a day once the symptoms disappear.

Ingestion of licorice helps patients with endocrine yeast infection by stimulating hormones without causing side effects. This cake can also counteract estrogen loss suffered by women with vaginal infections through the release of estrogen-like friendly steroids.

Another great cure is taking in drinks of electrolyte-heavy. To make your own, press in the Middle a (full of essential minerals) lemon in a glass of filtered water, and then, add 1/4 teaspoon Celtic Sea salt (with 84 minerals). Drink six times during the day, with three of the six times during meals.

Clean colon naturally washes toxins from Candida albicans and also makes the digestive system responsive to the friendly bacteria. Recipes vary, but typically involve a mixture of garlic or garlic extract, peppers, Cayenne, cider or Apple vinegar and spicy oregano oil.

So are the ten best cures for yeast infection. Please note that these are not the only available cure, but these are those who have proven to work and again. Do your research, and you can find one that works best for you. Good luck!

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