The Health Affects of Watching the News


The Health Affects of Watching the News

The few seconds before we go to sleep at night we are in hypnosis. That being said, so many of you watch the news right before, turning off the TV as you feel yourself falling deeper, while others fall asleep with the TV on.

Hypnosis is a state of mind where your conscious mind relaxes and your subconscious mind is more accessible. That being said, everything you take in during that time becomes more of a reality.

So watching the news, depressing devastation as it is, is what your subconscious ponders all night long.

Ever wonder why you wake up feeling like you got hit by a truck? Certainly not everyone will feel like this, but there are many ways in which it shows up for us. Extreme fatigue, feelings of anger, unhappiness, uncertainty of where our life is headed, or why we are here, helplessness, etc.

We must learn to trust ourselves and our boundaries. Knowing when something just isn’t healthy for us and walk away.

Repeat offenders will often be guilty of the news being their topic of discussion. Talking endlessly of the devastation in the world, and the horrific events happening around us.

Some of the news is just stupidity that we buy into like whether or not Beyonce lip synced at the inauguration or that gong show of a story of Manti Te’O’s made up girlfriend. This is drama folks… who gives a rip?

Well apparently we do or it wouldn’t be the topic of discussion. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We are currently being hypnotized by commercials, politicians, preachers, speakers, teachers, you name it.

Everyone goes in and out of hypnosis daily. Everyone. It is up to you now to take your power back and decide what is right for you by asking yourself some decision making questions.

  • Does it make you feel good?
  • Does it help you thrive
  • Can you do anything about it?
  • WILL you do anything about it?
  • What are you avoiding in your own life that you involve yourself in someone else’s?
  • What are you getting out of by allowing others to influence who you really are and what you really believe?

Unless you are actively doing something to right what is wrong in the world, and I do believe we can all make a difference, than I ask you, what is the point of becoming so absorbed in this form of mental abuse? Having mental boundaries and trust in yourself will allow you to easily realize you are doing more harm than good.

Yes, mental abuse. I said it. Why? Because if you notice, you are being tortured daily by things you have no control over, then you beat yourself up about having no control. If you’re not beating yourself up you are miserable while talking endlessly about them bringing those around you down, too.

Gain your control back. Hypnosis is a choice. If you want to be hypnotized do it for great results in your own life. Decide you will no longer be a back seat driver.

This, is what you have control over.

If you want a better tomorrow, you must start today. Suzanne does Hypnotherapy for those feeling stuck, broke, in pain, stressed, anxious, overweight or depressed. She has a blog at  Suzanne spent over 10 years of her life trying to ‘figure herself out’ when hypnosis did it in a few short sessions! Don’t waste your life doing it alone.