The cause of Osteoporosis. A simple guide to the causes of Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition of low bone density to the fragile and easily broken bones. Know why is that condition is more important to learn how to fight the condition, unfortunately there is no cause for osteoporosis but there are quite a few main causes of osteoporosis that we can detect.First we have to understand why bones become so weak in a person with osteoporosis.Bones are a living tissue that is renewed constantly through a process called “redesign”. This is where cells called osteoclasts search through the bones in your body in search of old bone that needs replacing. When they find a space cells destroy the bone old leaving a small space in the bone. While this is happening cells called osteoblasts also they are looking for through the bone, however this cell is looking for the spaces left by the osteoclasts. When are osteoblasts these empty spaces which have the power to fill that space with new bone. This process will in our lives all constantly feel the bones of our body.Someone who has osteoporosis means that the spaces left by osteoclasts is not filled fast enough and leave the bone with a type of honeycomb effect, making it less dense and more prone to breakage. So this is the direct cause of the condition, but why we have this imbalance in the renewal of bone?Healthy bones are the product of a healthy body and a healthy body is healthy blood. However in Western society not we always have a healthy body or blood. In fact our blood often becomes acid which is very bad for us. The body responds by removing calcium from the bones to correct acid levels but this calcium is not deposited in the bone, leaving a deficit that the bone are not content while we continue to pollute our blood.The cause of this acid blood is varied but mainly based on what we eat. A diet high in proteins with much meat, processed foods, and dairy products causes blood to change and begin the road to osteoporosis, changing our diet may contain conditions like this and at the same time many other problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Smoking and excessive drinking also pollute the body and add to the condition and lack of exercise, especially of weight based training will be to speed it up.So we see that the cause of osteoporosis is not a hereditary disease, in fact it is a condition is not a disease that is only a by-product of our style of life, habits and exercise. Therefore, it is possible to stop these causes of osteoporosis and lead a healthier lifestyle through the control of our lifestyles eat more alkaline based, exercising with weights and resistance training and generally try to live healthier!

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