Simple, Do-It-Yourself Manicure

Putting makeup on or dressing up for a unique occasion is extremely simple, particularly following the ideas that weve been giving you lately , but has it ever happened to you that when youre all dressed up, some broken or badly manicured nails ruin your image? Most likely this has happened to youits happened to all of us. Its hard to get a manicure every week, and also expensive. Thats why in this article were sending you the best ideas to do your own manicure at home and always have impeccable hands.


Set a day of the week to dedicate a few minutes to your hands. That way it will be easier to always keep them impeccable. For me, for example, I know that Sundays are my day of beauty at home; I take advantage of the day to take care of my hands, apply a facial masque and then fix my hair. I set apart some hours every week to dedicate them to me. Its great. Try it! Whats more, you deserve it.


To do your own manicure at home, you dont need much more than the following tools:

Orange stick:
The orange stick removes the cuticle and the dirt from your nails. They are extremely economical and are extremely useful. I also use them to remove nail polish from around the fingers when I accidentally paint outside my fingernail contour. Just soak the orange stick in nail polish remover and quickly remove the edges.

Nail clipper:
Its better to file your nails to shape them, but sometimes its necessary to cut them to equal lengths. Use a nail clipper instead of scissors.

File or emery board:
Invest in a good, long-lasting file. The best ones are made of cardboard. Choose a size that you like and keep it. Also, there are some files that are stronger on one side than on the other. These are the ideal kind because that way you only have to buy one.

Nail buffer and polisher:
Usually files have one side to file the nail and another to give it shine. If its not the case with yours, obtain a nail buffer and polisher. These smooth out your nails if theyre peeling.

Transparent treatment nail polish:
You need to choose something that works well with you. If your nails are always breaking, you need a nail hardener, of if theyre dry, you need a moisturizing treatment. Usually any pharmacy will have an entire treatment range at extremely accessible prices. This nail polish also serves as a transparent nail polish when you dont feel like painting them.

Cuticle oil:
This is one of the best buys you can make to have impeccable hands. These oils soften and moisturize the cuticle. If you are not extremely good at cutting your cuticles, you can skip this step by using this product.

Colored nail polish:
Choose the colors you like and that coordinate with the image you want to project. For example, if you have a unique dinner, paint your nails a wine red. It looks extremely nice, particularly if your nails arent too long. Or, for example, if you have a business lunch, paint your fingernails a porcelain tone; its extremely elegant and discrete. If you feel like adding a touch of color and fun, paint your nails a dark pink. Why not?

Protective/strengthening polish:
This foundation will help your colored nail polish to last longer and will also add a nice shine to your polish.

Exfoliating lotion:
You can use a body exfoliating lotion or else you can make a natural one with sugar and olive oil. Try itits amazing! This is one of my most ancient ideas. I dont remember where I read it or from whom I learned it, but the truth is that I use it every week and I love it! All you need are two teaspoons of white sugar and four tablespoons of virgin olive oil (if you prefer, you can use moisturizing body oil, but olive oil has worked well for me. Mix together well and apply to your hands, rubbing them gently. Dont forget the fingers and the nails. You can also use this exfoliating lotion on your forearms and elbows; then rinse your self with lukewarm water. Your hands will feel soft and like new!

Moisturizing hand cream:
Buy a good moisturizer for your hands, one that adapts to your needs. For example, if your hands crack easily or you have dark spotsbuy what you need.

Nail polish remover:

The ones that are particularly good are those that dont contain acetone, as this is extremely aggressive and many people are allergic to it.


Follow these steps to take care of your hands easily and quickly.

1. Remove all nail polish from your nails.

2. Cut your nails to an equal length.

3. File your nails and use the buffer to leave them smooth.

4. Use the orange stick to eliminate any leftover dirt and to softly remove the cuticles (I dont recommend cutting the cuticles at home, as I think this is extremely difficult and a job best left to professionals. I know that some of you do this. If you already do this and youre happy with the result, continue doing so. If not, just try to soften them with cuticle oil.)

5. Exfoliate your hands. Follow the advice we gave you previously. Youll see the result immediately.

6. Dry your hands well. This step is extremely important. If youve exfoliated your hands with olive oil and you dont dry your hands off well, particularly the nails, the nail polish will not last long. Remember to dry your self carefully.

7. Paint your nails. Follow this order: treatment foundation, colored nail polish, another coat of colored nail polish, and protective/strengthening nail polish. I know, its a lot of coats, but remember that you want your nails to look perfect all week long.

8. Moisturize your hands. Lastly and once at least an hour has gone by (yes, one hourif not, following all the effort, your nails will be immediately ruined when you apply the moisturizer), moisturize your hands carefully. You will feel like new!


Paint your fingernails while you watch TV or listen to music or read a magazine. Take some time to relax, and take advantage of it while the polish dries.

You can follow the majority of these steps on your feet as well. The exfoliating cream is great for your feet

Once a month, cover your hands in a moisturizing face masque and put on some cotton gloves. Sleep in them, and the next day your hands will feel like new.

Do this manicure every two months. Its a pleasant luxury, and that way your hands will need much less care, particularly the cuticles.

Whenever a cuticle acts up, apply oil on it. You will see how upon moisturizing it, it will immediately soften and wont bother you.

Remember: Our hands are an important part of our personal image. Dont neglect them!