Signs of a stroke in a woman

Stroke, also known as cerebrovascular disease, is a condition that occurs when the brain does not receive enough oxygen. It is also known as brain attack as the condition is similar to a heart attack (when the heart does not receive sufficient amounts of oxygen). A person experiencing stroke when the arteries carrying blood and oxygen to the brain or obstructed (known as ischemic stroke) or break (hemorrhagic stroke). This leads to a disturbance of oxygen supply to the brain resulting in the death of the cells. Stroke caused due to the blockage of the arteries is most common between the two. The symptoms of stroke appear according to the part of the brain affected. In some cases, we also found that people experience mild or main stroke symptoms that indicate the possibility of stroke in the future. It is essential to identify these symptoms to treating and preventing the stroke. So, what are the signs of a stroke in a woman? Let’s take a look in detail.

Symptoms of a stroke in a woman

These conditions of stoke may be due to a variety of reasons. Age (after 55 – 60 years), obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, drinking, smoking, use of birth control pills, etc. are risk factors for causing stroke. It should be noted also that the chances of stroke increases with advancing age. As women get older, they are at an increased risk for stroke. The following are the early warning signs and symptoms of a stroke.

Common signs of stroke for a wife

The following are the symptoms of significant stroke for women that are commonly observed.

Difficulty speaking or understanding

Pain, numbness and weakness in the face and extremities


Headache with unknown reason and dizziness

Loss or coordination, difficulty walking

One must take into account that stroke affects a person’s motor skills and speech more. It is therefore essential to look for these signs and symptoms to determine if a woman is suffering from stroke or not. In addition, the person is difficult to walk and movements of the extremities due to numbness and weakness. In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, the following are other symptoms and signs of a stroke in a woman.

Other signs of stroke for a wife

Chest pain

Pain in the face and extremities


Increased heartbeat


Exhaustion and sudden nausea

Shortness of breath

Violent hiccups

When you look at any of these symptoms of stroke in a woman, you must follow one step, i.e. ask women to smile, raise their arms and talk. If she shows abnormal signs and is difficult to do so, it indicates that she is suffering from stroke. In this case, it is recommended to call for emergency treatment immediately. Depending on the signs of a stroke in a woman, the doctor diagnose the cause and severity of the stroke. Based on these, the doctor suggests treatment options. Hospitalization is essential for the treatment of stroke, while in some cases, surgery may even require.

It’s a brief information on the causes and signs of a stroke in a woman. If you ask, how to avoid the stroke, then must take into account that it is possible to reduce the risk of heart attack, changing your lifestyle. One should maintain a healthy weight, healthy blood pressure, abstain from smoking and alcoholism, and they also have a balanced daily diet. These simple things help in the prevention of stroke greatly. Take care!