Role Of Zinc And Copper In The Effective Functioning Of The Thyroid

A hammer and nails; peanut butter and jelly; Laurel and Hardy. There are some things that only go hand in hand and work together as a team. The same applies to vitamins in the body. Copper and zinc are two supplements that work together as a couple. They both play an important role in the maintenance of a healthy thyroid gland and prevention of disease of the thyroid and other problems. Copper and zinc have roles separated in support of the thyroid, but a mineral excess leads to the lack of another. The right balance of copper and zinc are necessary to prevent the disease of the thyroid and maintaining the correct amount of thyroid hormones in the body.Just as peanut butter and jelly that both bring something different to the perfect sandwich PB & J, as copper and zinc have individual functions in the prevention of problems thyroid and maintain thyroid health.Support of thyroid and CopperCopper plays an important role in the metabolism of the thyroid, especially in the production of hormones and absorption. Copper stimulates the production of the hormone thyroxine (T4) and prevents over-measurement of T4 in the blood cells through the control of the levels of calcium in the body (calcium is necessary for the stabilization of cell membranes and reduces cell permeability).In addition, the copper is also required for the synthesis of phospholipids, (a kind of fats) found in the sheaths of myelin that insulates nerves to protect them. Phospholipids are necessary for the stimulation of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Therefore, correct levels are needed to prevent thyroid problems and it can be used in the treatment of thyroid disease.It is important for thyroid function support of thyroid and ZincJust such as copper, zinc is also needed to prevent thyroid problems. Zinc takes part in the process which converts the inactive T4 hormone active T3 hormone. An excess of inactive of thyroid hormones in the body can lead to one in active thyroid gland. An Italian study showed that patients with hypothyroidism won improved thyroid function to supplement their diet with additional zinc.It seems that the appropriate levels of copper and zinc help to improve the health of the thyroid and even in the treatment of thyroid diseases. Then, what happens if one or other of the minerals are deficient in the body?Deficiencies of zinc and copper in thyroid DiseasesIn our perfect sandwich (PB & J), the right balance of peanut butter and jelly is necessary. The sandwich and too much jelly becomes soggy; too much peanut butter and sandwich sticks to the roof of the mouth. In the same way, too much copper in the body leading to the reduced thyroid function and also stops the function of zinc.The correct ratio of Zinc to copper is 5: 1 for women and 10: 1 for men.Two important thyroid diseases caused due to unbalanced copper and zinc are: HyperthyroidismCopper and zinc work together in the body as important antioxidants. Zinc deficiency causes a deficiency of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) and leads to oxidative stress and response antioxidants on patients of hyperthyroidism. Copper deficiency also causes hyperthyroidism because the thyroid gland produces excess hormones when the body is copper deficiency.HypothyroidismAn zinc and copper in body proportion imbalance causes hypothyroidism(, which is a disease of the thyroid which causes the thyroid gland. Research has shown that supplementation of the diet with the help of zinc and copper, first in treatment( of hypothyroidism and increases according to the thyroid. Zinc deficiency also cause low metabolic rate, which often results in immune dysfunction, so that is why it is important to first obtaining the appropriate levels of zinc.In the natural treatment of many conditions, including diseases of the thyroid, is the right balance of many nutrients, not a single of “miracle herb” – which provides better results. The close relationship of copper and zinc show only a complete supplement, all in one, is the most effective way to treat the problems( of the thyroid, or any other health problem.

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