Problems of digestion

Digestion is a vital process for any organism. In the human body, digestive system processes the foods that we eat, making nutrients and energy we use. This conversion of food into the energy and the waste discharge implies a process known as digestion. Proper digestion is important for the absorption of nutrients through food, leading to good health. Many other problems of health due to poor absorption of nutrients can lead to problems of digestion. All have had digestion problems at one time or another, and we know that his measure in interrupting our lives and happiness. Poor digestion commonly causes disorders of the digestive system, and some even could fatal sometimes. Gain weight without adequate absorption of nutrients is another effect of digestive problems. Digestion problem is also the most common problem for people with diabetes.

Signs and symptoms of problems of digestion

Digestion problem is also known as maldigestion. These are the various symptoms of the problem of digestion which could be an early indication of serious conditions:





Excessive belching

Excessive flatulence

Abdominal pain

Diseases caused by problems of digestion

Some common diseases of the digestive system are:

Syndrome of irritable bowel (IBS)

Crohn’s disease

Piles or haemorrhoids

Some other conditions resulting from digestive problems are:

Chronic fatigue



Sudden weight loss


Skin disorders

Causes of the problems of digestion

There are many factors that contribute to digestive problems. There are also some external factors such as smoking, excessive consumption, depression, age and lack of exercise, which helps these causes in interrupt proper digestion. Some common causes of digestion problems in men and women are:

Stress: The nervous system controls the digestive system, which is why any kind of mental, physical or emotional stress, affects the digestion. Toxins from physical trauma also causes digestion problems.

Antibiotics: Problems of digestion also results due to the destruction of beneficial bacteria by antibiotics. These bacteria are useful in the fight against harmful pathogens in the gut and also help the digestion. So once antibiotics are stopped, these pathogens attack and weaken the immune system.

Inadequate diet: intake of junk food and accused lack of necessary nutrients, with others they lack fiber food and raw food interrupts the digestive process. The food allergy even causes digestion problems.

Eating habits: eating food without chewing correctly leads to indigestion and bloating. Eating a combination of food poorly as a protein with starched pasta, fruit with other foods or fatty foods is extremely common causes of problems of digestion of fat.

Drugs: Prescription, as well as on the counter drugs are detrimental to the digestive system and disrupting the process of digestion all. Some anti-inflammatory drugs not only irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach, but it can also cause infection.

Environmental toxins: toxins around us as additives in foodstuffs, chemicals, radiation, pollution, etc. all play an important role in our digestive health. The presence of toxins reduces the availability of energy and nutrients necessary for proper digestion.

Apart from these, there are some specific causes related to men and women.

Causes of the problems of digestion in men

Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism is a common cause of problems of digestion in men. Slow thyroid gland activity causes constipation and change in appetite.Candidiasis: Candidiasis is a common cause of problems of digestion in men. The infection is often neglected, leading to more serious conditions. This works the same way as antibiotics and destroy useful bacteria in the lining of the stomach.

Causes of the problems of digestion of women

Hormonal imbalance: menopause plays a huge role in digestive health of a woman. Hormonal imbalance during this period and the slowdown in the process of digestion due to the imbalance results in several symptoms of problems of digestion. Similar hormone imbalance also interrupts the digestion during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.

Home remedies for problems of digestion

Ginger tea is a natural stimulant and extremely useful for constipation, and abdominal pain.

Consumption of foods rich in fiber such as bread wheat, oats, fruit and vegetables provides essential nutrients, as well as an aid to digestion.

Taking the Apple vinegar as a dressing with salad before meals improves digestion.

Add herbs such as Mint, Rosemary, fennel, lavender in everyday recipes also improves digestion and reduces flatulence and bloating.

In addition to these resources, the best solution for all problems of digestion is to change our way of life. There can be no better remedy of prevention and healthy lifestyle. Time is an important aspect in our way of life. So the waiting time to take care of your body. You stop doing the things in the life of hurry. Most of us eat quickly without chewing the food properly, do not give much thought about the content of nutrients and fiber in the food we eat. Processing and food garbage has replaced nutritious cooked food from home. Returning to physical activities such as exercises, walking, running, etc., is not only an anti-stress, but also a great way to keep the digestive system well. So has become compulsory to take deliberate measures to lead a life free of healthy digestion problem.