Probiotics and digestive health

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From the moment that your dog takes a bite of food, it begins the digestive progress. However this complex process of break down nutrients also plays a vital role in the body’s natural defense system.

Each digestive system contains millions of bacteria. While some of the bacteria can be harmful, many really help to support the healthy functions of the body. These organisms, so-called Probiotics, help the immune system to adapt to the internal changes.

Many people do not realize that within the digestive system is one of the most important and largest groups of immune cells †“the gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) — that communicates with the immune cells located throughout the body. In some respects, the GALT is the first line of defense in the body.

Considering that the majority of the cells in our body receives nutrition from the blood, this is not true for the GALT †“that receives most of its nutrients of probiotics.”

Every time †“or your pet â €” to take a course of antibiotics, kills all bacteria, regardless of its final effect (healthy vs. unhealthy). €™ s why your doctor may recommend to eat yogurt taking antibiotics †“restore healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract to prevent intestinal discomfort.”

Probiotics are needed to maintain healthy intestinal microbes ecology, known as the “intestinal flora”. The types of bacteria in the intestine differ on a species to another and animal to animal, but there are common elements.

The community of bacteria in the intestinal system protects its host to invade unhealthy microorganisms in an effort called “resistance to colonization”. This resistance to be effective in supporting the intestinal health. Clinical trials in humans very clearly show that probiotics are useful in supporting a healthy digestive system.

A recent study on the common cold found that probiotics helped decrease not only in the period, but also the severity of the associated symptoms.

By incorporating probiotics in foods, there are two areas by some manufacturers: (1) through a wide range of different types of probiotics and (2) protecting the probiotics of heat during the cooking process. Under the direction of Dr. Jane Bicks, HealthyPetNet pays special attention to these important criteria in developing Lifes plenty of food for your dog HealthyPetNetexclusive formula s contains five types of probiotics, all of which are guaranteed to be viable after cooking †“and after your pet eats Lifes” abundance. These natural bacterial cultures help to your pets digestive work to the maximum extent of their effectiveness, what she or he get more nutrition from our healthy food. Probiotics in Lifes abundance helps to ensure a healthy intestinal flora.