Pregnancy and diabetes, new assets for vitamin D

Pregnancy and diabetes, new assets for vitamin D

Vitamin D is several months since the star of vitamins. The population of our country is very often lack of this vitamin. Pregnant women and diabetics need to be especially careful …

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Pregnant women need vitamin D

The first study is American, and she estimated the number of women of childbearing age, pregnant or not, that lack of vitamin D. Review: 78% of them fail at a rate that corresponds to good health. And if pregnant women generally have a higher rate of vitamin D, which reflects the use of vitamins for pregnancy, they did still not enough. But lack of vitamin D in utero or early life has been linked in other studies to respiratory problems, diabetes type 1, multiple sclerosis and other disorders yet.

Vitamin D and diabetes: poor control of blood sugar

The second study is the link between a low vitamin D and poor control of blood sugar in the blood in people with diabetes. Recall that this rate is extremely important for diabetics, since it largely determines the onset of diabetes complications (damage to kidneys, eyes, cardiovascular system …). According to this study, fewer people have studied vitamin D in the blood, the higher their blood sugar is high. And only those whose vitamin D levels are approaching the normal amount satisfactory in the blood. This study is preliminary, and it failed to point to a cause and effect (is it that vitamin D helps to control blood sugar, or is it the opposite?). However, the authors stress the importance for physicians to pay more attention to vitamin D levels of their diabetic patients.