Moles Of Skin How To Get Rid Of Moles

Dont flip if you see a dark spot odd on your skin, in all probability is only a mole. Most have almost 50 moles on their skin and body. Some of them look flattering, especially those who we call †˜beauty spotsin the face, but some are simply too ugly. Some moles are of black or brown race, and yet others are meat color. The color of the mole is determined by the amount of melanin in them. In medical terms a single mole is called Nevo and several moles are nevi. Moles technically speaking, or rather medically speaking, occur when the melanocytes or skin cell clusters of form rather than being spread through the skin.

Moles are normal have certain characteristics:

Moles will usually be black, brown or pink.

Normal moles are round or oval in shape.

They can of various sizes, from small to large points.

They can be flat or slightly elevated like a lump.

Some have hair and some dont

Moles are not normal are known as dysplastic nevi. Not only are abnormal in its structure, but also in appearance. It has shown that one in ten people has a lunar gangliocytoma. It has also been shown that persons with these moles have a higher risk of developing melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

Dysplastic Nevi has several features, these are:

The form is irregular and not defined.

At the same time, it will be elevated and flat.

Larger than a common Mole me it will be.

The color is dark brown with a pink border.

These moles are mainly found in the breast, buttocks, scalp, chest or back.

A person with a status of dysplastic nevi may have up to 100 moles.

How to dispose of Moles?

There are certain procedures involved in the removal of moles. These methods to remove moles are:

Surgery †“this method is done by a surgeon to remove the mole with a scalpel and then join the open wound.” This method is painful (include analgesics) and can lead to scarring.

Electrosurgery †“in this method, the surgeon shave off the mole with a scalpel and then destroy the melanin forming fabric with an electric needle.” This procedure also includes some scars.

Cyrosurgery †“this surgery is where the surgeon uses liquid nitrogen to destroy tissue.”

Laser surgery †“this surgery is fast gaining popularity, it is the less painful and has resulted in a minimal scar.” In this method the surgeon uses special laser to destroy the fabric of mole.

Acids †“this method €™ t require any surgery.” Includes the use of medicated creams and acids to rid itself of the mole and destroy tissue. This procedure takes up to six weeks to be effective.

Herbs †“this procedure uses BIO-T that should be applied to the mole and covered with a bandage.” After a week and continuous applications, the mole will be completed and be destroyed. Scarring is minimal thanks to creams to be applied when the Mole is destroyed.

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