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The human brain is one of the most important organs in the body. This principal organ of the body controls the various functions of the body. The brain is shaped by a number of complex structures called neurons, richly supplied with blood and oxygen. Sometimes, during an illness or as a side effect of certain medications, this wealth is interrupted, leading to stroke. This is what happens during a stroke. The circulation of blood to the brain is partially stopped for a short period of time, which can cause serious problems and can even cause permanent damage to the brain. A stroke can be a mini or mild stroke or even a powerful blow, which can be deadly and sometimes even prove fatal. Before you take a look to the recovery of mini stroke, let’s see what exactly is a mini stroke, along with their causes and symptoms.

Mini stroke – what is it?

A mini stroke, which is also known as transient ischemic attack (TIA), in medical terminology, is a condition considered to be one of the common forms of a mini strokes. Ischaemic stroke transitory, or simply ischemic, may be classified as – hemorrhagic stroke and thrombotic stroke. In a hemorrhagic stroke, blood vessels in the brain tend to break down and blood leaks, due to a cerebral aneurysm or hypertension. A mini stroke can be one of the symptoms of cerebral aneurysm. The reason for why a thrombotic stroke occurs is due to the presence of a blood clot (due to atherosclerosis) in any part of the head or neck. This hardening of the arteries may be due to the buildup of plaque in blood vessels. Hemorrhagic stroke is more serious in nature, it can cause total paralysis or even death.

Symptoms of a stroke of Mini

When a person suffers a mild or a mini stroke, the supply of blood to his brain is cut off. If you notice any symptoms of stroke, then take the person to a hospital as soon as possible. Early medical intervention can speed recovery from the stroke and the individual can live a normal life. The symptoms of mini stroke for women and men are the same. Below are a few mini stroke signs and symptoms, which must be brought to the immediate notification of the doctor.

The most common and the first mini stroke symptom is to feel dizzy. A person who has suffered a stroke may experience a wave of dizziness and may also pass.

A sudden and throbbing, headache especially on one side of the head.

Metallic taste in the mouth, similar to the taste of blood may also be one of the mild symptoms of stroke.

The person who has had a mini stroke may show symptoms such as temporary loss of vision or blurred vision, which this may occur because the blood supply to the part of the brain that controls of vision has been interrupted.

The individual may also feel weak on one side of the body and sometimes find it difficult to talk about and not be has been able to speak clearly.

A Mini stroke recovery

The recovery of mini stroke and mini stroke treatment period depends on the brain that has been affected and the severity of the mild symptoms of stroke. Proper treatment can be provided only once is determined the exact cause. In the case of blood clots are prescribe anticoagulants or blood thinners. The patient may also have to undergo medical rehabilitation, physical therapy, speech, occupational therapy and counseling for mini full recovery stroke therapy.

Mini stroke recovery time can vary from one individual to another and also depends on the severity and the area of the brain affected. The hope of finding this article on recovery of mini derrame cerebral informative and useful. Take care!