It Is Too Much Low Dangerous Cholesterol

It Is Too Much Low Dangerous Cholesterol

Many people are doing everything we can to lower levels of cholesterol as much as possible because cholesterol is considered “bad”. Cholesterol levels too low are not necessarily a good thing.

Cholesterol is essential for many normal bodily functions the production of vitamin D, hormones steroids, hormones of stress and bile acids for digestion. Cholesterol also forms a membrane around all cells and is critical for the regeneration of damaged endothelial cells.

Normally when not consumed enough cholesterol in your diet needs the body produce cholesterol by the liver to satisfy the bodies. The amount of cholesterol in your diet determines how much the liver produces.

In 1994, the American Heart Association issued a statement pointing out more deaths of trauma, hemorrhagic stroke, lung disease, cancer and infectious diseases to people with cholesterol levels less than 160 mg/dl.

Since 1994, several studies have linked to low cholesterol levels with depression, suicide, anxiety, impulsivity and aggression. A psychologist suggested to have too much under cholesterol alters the function of brain cells. Brain cells with low levels of cholesterol can have fewer receptors of the serotonin neurotransmitter to elevate mood which can be a reason for low cholesterol levels increase rates of depression.

With the rapid increase in the use of drugs, including drugs, Statins are diminishing the potentially dangerous cholesterol levels. Work with your doctor to make sure that maintain healthy levels of cholesterol suitable for you.Be sure to sign up for the free e to reduce cholesterol in 8 steps in today! Lisa Nelson RD is the founder and owner of and an expert on health for the health Central network.