It is a dying art of print advertising

I am in the business of advertising. At least that is what are still call it. Significant blocks of time is, however, when nothing resembling advertising passes through the tail of my company, or passed my desk. Check new just to be sure. Yes, Web page, site optimized designs rewrite corporate identity package, radio spots (something), sequences, and video production designs, html emails of logo, design of CD, development of article and presentation package, sign graphics, travel brochure, SEO, banner ads work (much of it), press releases. It was the right – not complete this week – no allocations of wording of print ads network, was not with the creative team to the concept of an advertising campaign in tail (concept of point radio and copying is complete).

Ah, insurance have been often that write some so-called “copy of the announcement” full of keywords. I hope that someday, code search engines their robots to rank search results based on “the strength of the benefit” (SOB).

To make matters worse, even had a friend who sells advertising print travel begin to tell me how in the age of Tivo, dissemination of advertising was a timer of short in the marketing mix. Do not have the heart to ask him if he felt the same about the printing, advertising, based on the proliferation of online tools available to advertisers… those who keep my business and its.

These questions led me to wonder if the print advertising is a dying art?

I peeled my team, where I’ve been reading in three hours of internet research blurred eyes, find opportunities to promote better, more efficient and cost-effective for customers, including SEO, PPC, RSS, forums, article submissions, directory listingsAdWords, search engine advertising (do bienrealmente no advertising, is?), podcasts, blogs, dissemination by Internet and so. Where my time?

Decide that ended my day at work, I left the Office. Later, walked into my living room to find that my beautiful and charming wife lounged on the couch reading live from the South. It sought peaceful, happy, there’s even to flip the pages and tasting you just elaborate chai latte of tea with milk and Splenda. I sat next to her, silent and observed as she lost in the magazine. A couple of times she spoke “what?” I said “nothing.” “I’m just enjoying the peace of mind.”

She analyzes everything, read some of them, including the ads. She refused to even corners in some of the pages: “Must be a recipe,” I thought. Then it occurred to me: she has been doing since I met her, even before that. She was not lounged on the couch with a laptop computer with diligence, wirelessly download web site after the web page of the sky of 256 colors. And why not? I.e., listings in the online version of their print counterparts are much less intrusive in the reader. Right?

However, it was curious. And I tried to do some quick and significant research…online of course. What I found was a confusing array of apparently contradictory information from different sources, some acquaintances, many unknown. Some said readers of magazines and newspapers was rising due to the internet. Said the other side, they guessed, quite the opposite.

I close my computer.

I’m going with my intuition of this. My experience has taught me that sometimes a hunch is going with a headline over another is dead center. Therefore, I will here.

Magazines – and even newspapers (despite the recent decline) – and those who choose to advertise in them are not going anywhere. You can change the names, but newspapers as a form of media has done in the stubborn fabric of our culture. We read. We like to look at things and to our own rhythm. A magazine, at this point of view, is easier than a team. You don’t need to write. Boot is not necessary. There is no slow downloads, only a cup of your favorite brand of chai latte of tea to sip from the articles. This was the same brand announced in southern living? Probably.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that the internet has created another medium (despite the many arguments that internet is not a “medium”). And it provides many opportunities to disclose and distribute the information and promote a company, group, product, people and services. And it does: brilliantly in some cases and clumsily in others – as well as other media…imperfectly.

But, as for the print advertising? I believe that with the passage of time, it will retain its importance in the marketing mix. In fact, I think that it is going to be more segmented and targeted, as media that contain and thrive on it, will continue to evolve.

In response to my friend to travel advertising, who prophesied the death of advertising…perhaps of television which I speak in another article.

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