Introduction To Thyrotoxicosis (thyroid Storm) -Symptoms And Common Treatments

Thyroid storm and thyrotoxicosis, are a life of emergency event threat caused by an avalanche of thyroid hormone spill into the bloodstream. This condition requires immediate medical attention or sudden death may be imminent. Thyrotoxicosis can occur in people with hyperthyroidism untreated. In addition, you can have a start due to surgical procedures performed in the thyroid, trauma, as well as viral or bacterial infectious agents. The patient is admitted in the critical care unit of the hospital for intensive care and attention.Symptoms of thyroid storm (thyrotoxicosis): largest body (rapid heart rate) nausea/vomitingDiarrheaHeart temperatureTachycardia palpitationsHeart failurePulmonary edemaConfusionSeizureComaAbdominal painJaundiceThere is a large increase in the level of the hormone blood thyroid, accompanied by fever up to 106 degrees. This condition may be due to the following factors which include: the medication for hyperthyroidism required without consultation with the medical professionalIngesting too much thyroid hormone causing a treatmentsPeople of radioactive iodine of overdose with overactive thyroid conditions suffering from a serious heart infection or illnessMyocardial (heart attack) in people with overactive thyroidAnyone which has a overactivity of the thyroid, or hyperthyroidism may develop thyroid storm. Occurs when the thyroid secretes a large amount of thyroid hormone in a small amount of time.Any person with an overactive thyroid, which has a fever, heart rate rapid, with confusion, disorientation, must be hospitalized immediately. It will take a medical history and diagnostic tests will be conducted to analyze: countElectrolytes of blood cells, such as sodium, potassium and hormone levelThyroid with sugar calciumBlood levels will also be testTreatment of testedLiver function: treatment in people who suffer from thyroid storm aims to reduce the levels of thyroid hormone, or to inhibit its production, and released in the blood. This is done in the following way: the administration of the OCTs and methimazole in high doses, inhibits the production of thyroid hormone.Iodide of sodium, potassium iodide or Lugol’s solution can be administered to prevent the secretion of thyroxin. Beta blockers, such as propranolol (Inderal, the Inderal) to heart rate control and steroids (iv) to improve circulation.Without treatment, treatment of thyroid storm can result in: ComaHeart failureLiver failureStrokeDeathTreatment also includes: administration of liquid IV and electrolytesOxygen through maskMedication face or nasal cannula and towels to control feverVitamins and AntibioticsIodine to block the secretion of the thyroid hormoneKidney dialysisSedatives restPropranolol and dexamethasone block hormone synthesisAntithyroid drugs and potassium iodineIf has an overactive thyroid of coolingIt is important to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. You can prevent the thyroid storm following orders from his doctor. Know the signs and symptoms of thyroid storm can prevent the delay of treatment and let him call 911 immediately.

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