How much sleep doees your 10 week old baby get?

Question by curious2007: How much sleep doees your 10 week old baby get?
I feel like my daughter is always sleeping. She sleeps through the night from about 11 at night until about 7 in the morning. She will be up for about an hour after a bottle but then she goes back to sleep until she eats again, and this goes on all day. Is this normal?

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Answer by love bug
My son has been this way since he was two weeks old and he is now 5 months. He sleeps for 10-12 hours a night and takes a nap after his morning bottle and again in the afternoon. My pediatrician said that this was fine based on the way he was going and that we were lucky to be getting so much rest. You can try keeping them interactive throughout the day to lessen the daytime naps and lengthen the night sleep. Check with the pediatrician and they will be able to tell you specifically if this is normal for your daughter. More than likely, she is fine. Good Luck!

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