Crazy makeup

Make up trends keep changing and there are many fans of each of them. Is that an aspect curious fresco or an eye form, you can see many opt for each one of them. Crazy eye makeup is one of the trends that many women would love to opt for. Although they may make up not can be used only when it is great to try on these special occasions when don the aspect can more. If you look at the various images of crazy eye make-up, you are sure to creativity and artistic strokes of pencils for eyes and eye shadows worked on the canvas of his eyelids. So if you want to know some designs attractive and Mad Eye makeup, reading the following paragraphs.

Crazy eye makeup ideas

White magic

This is one of the ideas of makeup of eyes wild and dramatic. It will be white in the entire eye area. Basically use white eye that for this. Start your tabs with the tab of curling player. Then take shade white, you can go to the tone metallic or Pearl. Apply layers of 2-3 of this shadow and proceed. Take a white, preferable liquid eyeliner. Line eyes with this eyeliner correctly. Use a mascara glitter to improve their tabs. Believe me look of white eyes completely crazy and mysticism. Learn some incredible eye make-up techniques.

Rainbow of colors

This is one of the popular idea used to don a crazy look. Tones cowardly your kit of shadow and start to apply them in the eyelids.! You can go to common combinations such as yellow, Orange, green cast, red, or unique combos as aqua blue, purple, black, white and aqua green. You can make these applied in horizontal or vertical stripes. Make sure that you slightly merge the strokes, instead of keeping them well defined. Finish by adding a colorful eyeliner and color shade. Remember that if you are using metallic shade, using metallic eyeliner and mascara for a colorful glitter makeup.

Impressions of animals

These impressions are some eyes really crazy makeup designs. Why the Leopard print on their eyelids? This is one of the most popular ideas of eye for a crazy look make-up. You can also add that shadow black and white and create an impression of Zebra. Black on white or white on black is your choice! Implemented perfectly shade of black color of yellow and orange, can have a single Leone print through the eyes. Read more about shadow techniques.

Nature inspired

Can add those elements with class of nature eye make up? However, it is a great idea that can be used to create some crazy eye makeup designs. Add your favorite flower to the eyes and gives them an appearance outside of the crowd. You a yellow and green color from creative use also have a design of sheet on the eyelids. Merger and combine the tones, will help to give them a final appearance. What such a butterfly design honored the eyelids? This can start from the eyelids and extend on his forehead. Wondering how to make crazy makeup for those wings of butterfly? Here is how.

Tips for making the crazy makeup

Choose a light and a very deep color, as the yellow and green. Remember, deep green, which will be almost black.

Apply the lighter yellow shadow in the corner of the inner eyelid, coats 2-3 to highlight your eyes perfectly.

To the tips of the wings of butterfly, use the deep shade of green. You can extend the wings slightly above the eyebrow.

They also describe the wings with a similar tone of eyeliner. Apply medium shades of green and yellow to fill the free space between the corners of both. Combine well. Now to take a new shade or metallic green or blue for points on the eyelids and above your eyebrows. Use it for a few points below the bottom.

Add a metallic yellow liner and some green mascara.

Give a final touch with contact lens colors. Blue or green is a great color go complement this aspect. More information on how to apply makeup

Therefore, these were some ideas crazy eye makeup. You can explore your creativity and add their ideas to these creative, and some really crazy eye makeup designs. There are tattoos of temporary eye makeup available in multiple copies, including impressions of animals that can be readily used. Explore the colours of makeup that those eyes looking crazy.