Cancer Treatment – Ought to You Opt For Western Medicine Or Option Medicine?

Has Western Medicine Discovered The Cure For Cancer?

Numerous billions of dollars have been poured into the cancer business over a number of decades and also the sad reality is that there’s not any improve in survival rates for cancer sufferers. There’s large speak within the cancer business about survival rates for chemotherapy patients becoming a large success but these so-called successes are measured in months and not years. How can anybody champion the successes of western medicine when it expenses a patient $75,000 dollars to live an extra 3 months, and those additional 3 months are lived in utter agony? This extra 3 months of agony is created out to be an overwhelming feat of medicine and it has only price Americans 6 decades and billions and billions of dollars to accomplish.

The mainstream medical community bases their assertion that chemotherapy ought to be the only treatment obtainable for cancer victims on the above referred to supposed success of the cancer business in generating fantastic strides against the illness when it comes to extended life. Once more, 3 months of additional agony ought to not be regarded as a success in anyone’s book unless the anybody stands to gain a great deal of cash by the use of such a barbaric practice. And do not get me wrong, chemotherapy is utterly barbaric and it isn’t a cure. It thoroughly wreaks havoc on the poor sufferers immune method and destroys living cells also as internal organs. It’s nearly unsurvivable. The extremely immune method which the cancer patient requirements to increase to be able to return the body to wellness is destroyed in this extremely costly treatment. Poor cancer sufferers are forced to give their life savings for this multiplied billion dollar per year scam.

Numerous option remedies that have been shown to really function miracles and restore cancer sufferers to ideal wellness and numerous much more years of productive life are suppressed by the cancer business for obvious factors. But just in case the reason isn’t obvious to you, let me explain why they (the cancer business) are really thrilled that a big percentage of Americans are diagnosed with cancer — Cash! That’s the extremely sad answer however it is also the truthful answer. Remedies which are positively shown to cure cancer will continue to be suppressed by the cancer business, mainstream medicine, and pharmaceutical businesses simply because these all have a vested interest inside your illness. The food business sells garbage which it calls food and when your body physically rebels the cancer business is correct there to put the last nail within the coffin and also the nail will price you all which you have.

It ought to be obvious to anybody who doesn’t have an agenda and is really looking for truth that western medicine has been an absolute failure with regards to the treatment of cancer. We had been promised a cure numerous years ago but cancer rates and deaths from cancer have gone via the roof within the last couple of decades. There’s nearly a zero actual survival rate and that rate has not grown in any substantial way all through all of the years and all of the billions of dollars thrown at the cancer business by desperate Americans who’re begging for a cure. Really in the event you do your studies with an unbiased pair of glasses you’ll discover that the only substantial quantity of patients who really survive cancer and go on to live numerous much more years are those that shun western remedies and opt for option therapy. These fantastic numbers of living testaments to the reality that cancer isn’t incurable have realized total healing via way of life modifications that emphasize great nutrition, physical

exercise, and herbal remedies just to name a couple of.

The gentlest method to say it’s that western medicine is really a dismal failure with regards to a cure for cancer. The only success that mainstream western medicine can boast is that a entire lot of folks have turn out to be wealthy. Obviously their riches had been gained by generating certain that a cure is by no means discovered and by tabooing even the mention of option remedies. You need to know, nevertheless, that option medicine and natural healing has an incredible success rate (not for decades but for thousands of years) and that you will find secure, affordable techniques with none of the side effects. I’m totally convinced that the thought of word obtaining out that cancer already has a cure keeps numerous gazillionaire moguls within the cancer business up at night (worrying) and that they’ll continue to do all they can to suppress the great news.

I implore you to look into the total failure of barbaric chemotherapy remedies and also the massive success stories from natural healing and then make a choice based on the facts. The bottom line is that when you have been diagnosed with cancer and select to go the route of wildly costly chemotherapy remedies you’ve a extremely short time to live and also the remaining time you’ve left won’t have any resemblance to actual living. It’ll be an agonizing death, but mind you, death is nearly certain. You’ll not (can’t) survive the treatment so you truly have absolutely nothing to lose by going outside of the mainstream and a minimum of looking for the facts. In the event you do I’m certain you’ll discover which you have fantastic hope to be totally healed and go on to live numerous much more years illness totally free. God Bless You!