Can the symptoms of acid reflux is effectively control with diet…

Do you know that if you take antacids regularly to control the symptoms of acid reflux can really is making their condition worse?

The mistake that many people is to assume that stomach acidity is a sign that your digestive system is very acidic. This is not true. Your body needs of stomach acid to food of the collection, the problem is not too much acid, leakage of acid and places of access that must be achieved. If continues to neutralize the acid that your body will begin to produce more.

Think a moment, what the process which must pass the food so that his body can extract nutrients and dispose of waste.

Cut small pieces of food, and then chew the food so that it becomes a paste before swallowing. The preparation of food for digestion in the mouth is for two things: compresses the food and the food is mixed with the saliva of the enzymes can begin to decompose.

After eating the food you will easily pass through the esophagus into the stomach. Once in the stomach the food comes into contact with a strong acid that can break it more quickly.

In the stomach food also mingle with the fiber that creates the volume to his intestine to move food effectively, helping to nutrients and wastes pass quickly from your system.

Unfortunately, if we are honest, we do not support this process very effectively. Do to carry out the following common errors?

Fast and swallow large pieces of food!

Eat until you feel more complete which means that the stomach can not do its job effectively

Putting pressure on your digestive system by consuming large quantities of highly processed foods that contain high levels of fats and sugars which are difficult to process. And eat a diet low in fiber!

Anyone a car to run effectively without appropriate and cared for a little fuel. Do you could buy a car if he knew that the previous owner was a young pilot had discussed the car every day, where there were hard accelerated regularly right from the start, never found oil and coolant or left the car without a service for years?

If you want to have a digestive system that works as a car with good service you will have to make some simple changes in your diet and start eating in a friendly manner to avoid heartburn (acid reflux).

Be sure to chew the food so that the stomach has an advantage when it begins to digest it. Eat small meals so there is space in the stomach of the food that is mixed with acid. In filling the stomach and acid is forced out of esophagus

Reduce the consumption of processed junk foods and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet to increase the fiber…And make sure you drink a lot of waterWatch for foods that cause acidez-reflujo acid, so it can reduce or avoid

If these changes that you will be able to reduce the amount of antacid decision-making and eventually abandon them altogether. Now that sounds like a great plan to me!

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