Alternative Asthma Treatments: Asthma Breathing Exercises

Alternative Asthma Treatments: Asthma Breathing Exercises

Did you know that breathing exercises could function as an alternative treatment for asthma? Several exercises have been found effective in reducing symptoms of asthma and could also contribute to a lower dose.

What is asthma in the first place? Asthma is a chronic lung condition that causes difficulty breathing. When left untreated, asthma can be fatal. It is important for asthma to be properly diagnosed by a doctor and his treatment must be supervised. Medications such as bronchodilators are often given to patients with asthma to relieve symptoms such as wheezing, chest pain, shortness of breath and natural treatment against asthma, but others may also be of great help.

There are currently many cons asthma treatment alternative available. These include dietary changes, acupuncture, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, vitamin and mineral supplements, and herbal remedies. Breathing exercises are among the treatments against asthma alternatives that are considered both safe and effective.

In asthma, patients have difficulty breathing. These are exercises to relax the chest muscles and teach the proper way to breathe, focusing more on the abdomen and diaphragm rather than chest muscles. It also helps asthma patients to focus more on breathing mostly expired or the appearance of an attack.

Here are three examples of breathing exercises that can be used by patients with asthma.


Pranayama refers to the breathing exercises used in yoga. Studies show that the constant practice of yoga postures and breathing techniques helped increase the flow of air into the lungs and improve the capacity of the air which led to a reduction in both frequency and intensity of asthma attacks. There was also less need for medication.

There are basically eight types of Pranayama and exercise to do is based on what triggered the asthma attack. For example, Ujjayi Pranayama is for asthma triggered by cold air, while pranayama Shital is for asthma triggered by allergies. The exercises should always be done under the supervision of a yoga therapist.


Another exercise is the Buteyko technique. It helps regulate breathing patterns to avoid hyperventilation during asthma attacks. Advice is also given on stress reduction, adequate nutrition, medicines and general health. Buteyko technique is known to reduce asthma attacks, to facilitate breathing, and doing that is less dependent on medications.


Another breathing exercise is the Papworth method. He stressed the importance of the use of nasal breathing and the development of breathing patterns adaptable to its current activity. It also involves diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation techniques.