Allegations of Numerous Defects Plague The Pinnacle Hip Replacement Program

The reputation of medical device manufacturer, DePuy Orthopaedics, has lately been tarnished because of the issues plaguing the Pinnacle hip replacement program. Allegations of the Pinnacle program becoming defected was brought to light in 1 of the very first lawsuits filed on November 30, 2010 in California. The claim states that the device prematurely loosened from the patient’s hipbone, which caused her to suffer discomfort along with a severe limp. These severe side effects might be corrected with extra surgery, although a patient undergoing the hip replacement process would not wish to need to suffer via a second process inside a couple of years following the initial surgery, nor cope with the subsequent recovery procedure. As a fairly new device, metal-on-metal hip replacements are in contrast to the typical replacement devices that utilize a polyethylene liner within the socket component of the synthetic joint. With these typical plastic devices needing replacement surgery each and every 12-15 years,

medical device manufacturers wanted to discover much more durable alternatives to marketplace to younger patients seeking to preserve an active way of life following surgery. As a result, metal-on-metal devices had been developed, which provided added durability as an option to the typical plastic device. Over 1,300 complaints have been received by the FDA with regards to the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement. Even though the majority of these complaints focus on the premature loosening of the device, much more disturbing news comes from a brand new York Times report claiming that metal-on-metal devices like Pinnacle carry the increased risk of metallosis in recipients because of constant friction of the metal components releasing metal particles into the soft tissue surrounding the device or into the bloodstream. Although only 1 to 3 percent of patients are expected to develop metallosis, you will find over 100,000 estimated procedures utilizing metal-on-metal hip replacements each and every year, putting thou

sands of lives at risk. Metallosis could be a extremely harmful condition, but might be cured totally with out any lingering side effects if caught within the early stages. Patients that have received the DePuy Pinnacle program experiencing discomfort or symptoms of metallosis have the choice of pursuing a case against DePuy. The business has set aside as a lot as billion within the past for those suffering from their defective devices. In the event you think you’re entitled to correct compensation simply because your high quality of life has been affected, go to the DePuy Pinnacle recall web site for a totally free case evaluation.