1, Identify the real cause of stress.

2, Events causing stress point down and analysed once a month.

3, Their reactions to each stressful events should be collected and compared with each other.

4, Should not give immediate molecular to the stressful event, always have little time to think.

5, If any voltage comes to ask his inner man (the mind) a solution, is more intelligent than you.

6, Past is past always concentrate on future events and gather courage and willpower.

7, Neednot bother about their loss, but airlines the reason for this and try to resolve it.

8, Dealing with all situations with confidence.

9, Keep the faith in God and worship him.

10, Always expect the best.

11, Always maintain a positive attitude.

12, Before you do anything to plan a solution to deal with a negative situation.

13, Should not live only for money.

14, Helping the poor.

15, Visiting the sick and give them moral support.

16, When you’re tense to take a deep breath and relax.

17, If you are tense countdown of 100 to 1.

18, If any stress comes to look at the beautiful image stays on the wall.

19, Keep a few flowers in the room and take a look.

20, Regularly practicing breathing exercises.

21, Maintain the short time of yoga and meditation.

22, Aromatherapy is good to relax the mind.

23, If you are tense to call his old friend for a surprise.

24, When you’re tense to think of others who suffer from more serious problems.

25, Maintain close contact with his family and share the problems with them.

26, Go for trips of pleasure with family members.

27, Avoid sedentary life, always mix with others.

28Always others come with a smile.

29, Laugh and share jokes with others you will be relaxed.

30, When you’re tense visit to their friend or relative.

31, If any stressful event comes to discuss it with his close friend.

32, Spend little time with their children and join his works.

33, If you have time to go for a healthy discussion on any interesting topic.

34, Always approaching people as Cortes.

35, Maximum should be attempted to reduce enemies.

36, Keep a routine for their activities.

37, Never postpone the works.

38, Sound sleep is very important to relax your mind and body.

39, Always prefer room with fresh air.

40, Said early in the morning.

41, After waking up has a nice bathroom with his favorite shampoo.

42, Use some perfume and room freshners likes.

43, Have a relaxing massage of the body.

44, Personal hygiene should be maintained.

45, Its health problems should be discussed with your doctor and follow his instructions.

46, Make a habit of cleaning the House and its surroundings.

47, Having sex with only one of the partners.

Tomorrow 48, and walk at night is good for relax.

49Afternoon sleep is good but should not be a deep sleep with a snoring.

50, Listen to good music and search for a movie with his close friend.

51, Reading interesting books can reduce tension.

52, Gardening is a useful for relaxing method.

53, Spend little time with pets.

54, Engage in some games.

55, Keep some time to dedicate to hobbies.

56, When I have time write some things verbatim as articles, poems and short stories.

57, Maintain a regular schedule for food.

58, Take a lot of fruits and vegetables.

59, Prepare your favourite food and with his family.

60, Having food from restaurants can give you a good mood.

61, Excessive drinking and smoking should be avoided.

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