6 Foods that lower cholesterol naturally

If looking for a way to lower cholesterol, but want to avoid a recipe for high prices with possible side effects, you have options. Nature has provided a variety of foods that scientists have found effectively can reduce cholesterol levels.

This article examines 6 foods lower cholesterol.

1 Blueberry – have shown these tasty superfruits to lower cholesterol more effectively than drugs. In 2004, researchers at the Department of Agriculture of the United States reported results of an animal study in which who received Blueberry skins had cholesterol levels 37 percent less than the group that received no blueberries.

2.? Do carrots – want to lower your cholesterol in 4 weeks? Try to add carrots to their diet. A study in Scotland found that people who ate 2 raw carrots every morning for 3 weeks experience an 11 percent drop in cholesterol. Carrots contain pectate of calcium, a fiber soluable that reduces cholesterol helping the digestive system of cholesterol color out of the body.

3 Avocados – the avocados are often avoided because they are a food of high content of fat, but they contain a component called sitosterol, which has proven to reduce cholesterol in more than a dozen of human studies. Investigations in Mexico is after eating avocado daily for a week, total cholesterol of participants fell 17 percent and your HDL (good) cholesterol increased by 11 per cent.

4 Grapes – grapes contains pterostilbene and resveratol, two compounds that have shown to play a role in the reduction of cholesterol. In 2008, researchers at the University of Madrid developed a juice of the skin and seeds of red grapes and asked human volunteers to add the juice to your diet for 16 weeks. The study participants experienced a 14 percent drop in cholesterol levels and a five percent decline in blood pressure readings.

5 Almonds – almonds are not only well aware, it can lower cholesterol, especially harmful LDL or bad cholesterol. A 2002 research project called on participating adults with high cholesterol eating almonds. Volunteers of study who ate a handful of almonds day reduce the bad cholesterol 4.4% and those who ate 2 handfuls of almonds were bad cholesterol drop 9.4 per cent.

6 Grapefruit – these citrus fruits have significant amounts of cholesterol pectin; 60 to 70 per cent of the dietary fiber in citrus is pectin. A study of 2006 by Israeli researchers found that eating a grapefruit daily for 30 days decreased cholesterol approximately 15 per cent. The study found that red grapefruit reduced more effectively than white grapefruit cholesterol.

Additional tips for cholesterol

It will help to start exercise – increasingly active in two ways. Countless reports have shown that overweight contributes to high levels of cholesterol. Exercise can lead to the loss of weight, which in turn reduces the risk of cholesterol and heart disease.

At the same time, the aerobic exercise will raise your HDL or cholesterol well, which is as important as maintaining levels of bad cholesterol in check. Good cholesterol clears blood vessels, leading to excess cholesterol to the liver for processing.

Intake of cholesterol from the limit – the American Heart Association recommends that individuals who wish to reduce their cholesterol through diet eat less than 300 mg of cholesterol per day.

Adopt a diet low in saturated fat – a diet low in fat and low cholesterol usually limits the consumption of meat and avoids red meat. High content of fat, high cholesterol meat to remove its meal plans include: Bacon, Bologna, salami, sausages, hot dogs, liver and kidneys. In general, chicken and Turkey are low in saturated fat, especially when you remove the skin.

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